eric g's musical biography

Back in the early 60's, I grew up with lots of The Beatles' music. This was since my two older sisters were big fans. I remember not so much the straight pop songs, but rather the more experimental songs from "Revolver", "Sg. Pepper" and "Magical Mystery Tour". Good thing! Some years went on, and then my parents "encouraged" me to learn to play the piano :-( I hated it. But of course that was a good thing. I also began to play with our tape recorder.

The next important thing that happened was around 1970, when my friend Joakim showed me his electronic device that could go "beep", "boop" and "gruuunt"! Amazing! It turned out to be a simple two transistor astable multivibrator, but that was definitely a milestone for me.

In 1974 I came to a new school and our music teacher was wise enough to present to us something like 10 well-known classical pieces. One of them was the Brandenburg Concert nr. 3. And yes, it was Carlos' version! I was stunned. How were those sounds created? I bought "Switched on Bach" and was totally blown away by the sounds and the 3P on the cover.

At this time I had got myself a Philips Electronics Experiment Kit, and I immediately built the astable multivibrator that I had heard years ago. It turned out that the "Siren" circuit was perfect for the job. I then integrated the keyboard from a toy accordion :-) and could play it as a very simple electronic, monophonic, organ. But changing all component values turned it into a very basic synthesizer, and I tried to recreate the SOB sounds.

The next milestone, around 1977, was when one of my sisters forced me to sit down and listen to a certain french album named "Oxygene". I played it over and over again... The soundscapes were fantastic!

Soon to follow, I discovered Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Synergy and Vangelis. I knew that this was the music I should come to love, and have done ever since. In parallel with this, I also started listening to music from ELO and also Abba. Mike Oldfield came in next. Further on, I discovered the progressive rock from Genesis, Yes etc. This came to be my other favourite music. I have also some swedish influences like Benny Andersson, Ralph Lundsten, Hans Lundin and then some.

In 1979 I bought my first real synth; the Roland SH-1000, which I still have. You might dismiss this synth as being a very simple preset synth, but in fact the Control Section is very capable. I learned everything about analog synthesis from this synth. In the early 80's I began to expand with a Roland RS-09 Organ/Strings (wonderful!), a Boss DR-55 and a Casio VL-Tone. Korg MS-10 and SQ-10 also made a serious addition. And more were to follow...

At this time I developed my interest in electronics and got myself an MSEE. Thanks to this, I can design, build, modify and repair anything I like in synths.

In the 80's I composed and recorded loads of songs, I think I have like 25 full C90 casette tapes. As time went and I could afford more equipment, I bought more synths and a Tascam 368 8-track casette recorder. I recorded a few of my very best songs from 1978 to 1999, named the result "Conclusion" and sent the demo to several music magazines. In 2001 I started burning CD:s at home and sold them myself, and later, around 2007, SMD was willing to sell it for me. Finally, I was selling records with my very own electronic music! My equipment park grew, and my goal was to find the most famous instruments. Minimoog, Taurus, CS-60, TR-808, SH-5, Jupiter 8 came to stay. Some years later I also recorded "Illusions" (2010) and "Visions" (2011), containing the music I felt was the highlights of my catalogue. These albums were sold by SMD, Groove and Que Records.

In 2018 I decided to start from my very first casette "album"; Nophricord. I re-recorded the songs from scratch and made a proper album, which I released on Bandcamp. From now on I would only make download albums, since making CD:s never reached break-even. Several fans downloaded "Nophricord", so I went on with "Piezolake", released 2019 on Bandcamp. When this is written, I am working on the next one, "Patrimonial".

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